Julius at 100

Julius Rothschild was born in Germany in 1911.  He read Mein Kampf in 1934, and decided it was no place to raise a family.  He’s been on an adventure, to this day.  I could hardly keep up with him, filming his daily routine.  What a life!

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Foothill Unity Center

This food bank serves low-income families with love and dignity. Last year, they provided over 4 million pounds of food to the local needy, as well as a variety of medical and social services.  Their Back-to-School event provided over 1,800 kids with school supplies.  On average, 95% of all contributions go directly to programs helping their families.

Chai Lifeline

Chai Lifeline West Coast hosted Through the Eyes of Our Children, a glorious event which featured artwork produced by children living with and impacted by serious illnesses. 


Stephanie (excerpt)

A portrait of 11 year old Stephanie, honored by IBDSF for her courage.  Visit their website at www.IBDSF.com

With the Help of God (excerpt)

Spend a few days with Shmuel and Refaya Klein - he’s quadriplegic, she’s paraplegic - and they’ll nearly have you convinced that their biggest challenge as parents of infant twin boys will be reducing the speed on their motorized wheelchairs.

Miriam - A Celebration (excerpt)

Miriam Spiegel is no ordinary teenager.  Although she suffers from a rare muscular disease, she is an eager friend, and wise beyond her years.  Her courage is surpassed only by her candor.