THE LATEST... Ponevez Yeshiva Honors R' Chaim Fasman ZT'L

Ponevez Honoring Rabbi Eidlitz

Ponevez Honoring Frida Berger

Mesivta of Calabasas

Ohr Eliyahu 2015

LINK 2015

Mesivta of Calabasas 2014

New Mussar Vaadim in Los Angeles

Banquet Video, 2013, honoring an outstanding Rebbe at YULA, who had his start in LA at LINK.

Banquet Videos, 2014, honoring two families for their extraordinary contributions to Jewish life in Los Angeles.


Director, Ezra LaTalmid

Rabbi Nachman Morgan has developed a method for learning the skills necessary for independent Gemara study.

    Over the past 25 years he has taught many many students ranging in age from boys who are beginning Gemara through the mature adult on an individual or in a group setting. Those who have learned Gemara with this proven and time-tested method have experienced great success which they never dreamt possible.

For information call: Rabbi Nachman Morgan
   (323) 857-0495 or e-mail


For the past 6 years, I’ve had the privilege of producing the profiles of Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman’s incredible Yeshiva.  “The Ruach of Calabasas”, directly below, is the film for 2012.  Below it, “Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles”, is the 2011 film, broken up into 6 segments.


Tashbar 2015

Tashbar 2016

Ponevez...The Mother of All Yeshivos