Client Testimonials

“Reuven Fauman is a film maker, biographer, and story teller extraordinaire.   He strives for perfection and his attention to detail is no less than astonishing.   He knows no limits in helping bring an individual’s journey to life.


In our situation there was a daughter, six grandchildren, many of whom lived in different cities, as well as in-laws and friends who were essential players in our father’s story.  When it was impossible to get everyone together at the same time, Reuven set up a few other meeting times, which demonstrated his accommodating nature and determination to tell the full story.   


As he interviews his subjects in their homes, workplaces or even accompanies them as they goes about their daily activities, Reuven succeeds like no other in asking the right questions.  He weaves the many complex aspects of a human being into a coherent image.  His questions can at times evoke memories - some wonderful memories, but also some painful ones.  In this regard, he is always respectful and kind.  He provides a safe and reassuring environment where sometimes in the process of the filmmaking, participants reach new and refreshing insights.  But above all, what distinguishes Reuven’s work is his ability to capture a person’s essence and his unequivocal commitment to sharing each individual’s unique truth.”

Muriel Waterman, daughter of Julius Rothschild,

“Reuven Fauman of Truly Moving Stories has worked with us for a number of years. On his first project with us he "WOWed" our clients with his videography and production values and raised the bar for our internal communications projects. Richard consistently delivers even more that we ask for - his interview skills get the best from the talent, and he has an eye for detail that makes his work both informative and compelling. “

Stephen Beebe

Director, MultiMedia Communications Integrated Brand Communications Kaiser Permanente

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“I have been working with Reuven Fauman for several years and continue to have him create riveting videos which represent our Foundation's vision. Reuven has taken the time to learn about the mission of our organization and that shows in each video he creates. He continues to capture the essence of each message we want to share in the video projects he takes on and he has the ability to translate those messages into emotionally riveting videos which capture the heart of viewers. Reuven's videos combine a unique artistic style and professional finish and have been of great value to our organization.”

Marci Reiss

Founder & President IBD Support Foundation

During his on-camera interviews, Reuven has an uncanny ability to reveal a truth, wrapped in emotion and lit with clarity. (I wish everybody could speak like that.) But when coupled with his filming and editing skills, what you get is a TRULY MOVING STORY! He as created six master videos geared toward my target clients: Architects, Contractors, Realtors, Designers and Homeowners. These video "stories" are exceptional visuals of my process and body of work. I am wowing potential clients and gaining new projects at the level I've always wished to achieve. Thank you Reuven for this invaluable marketing tool.

Greg Davis
Greg Davis and Associates Landscape Design

This video is so inspiring not only because Miriam is so clear-headed about the truths of life and is such an amazing example, but also because the filmmaker knew exactly which questions to ask to draw out of her what is so obvious to her but so hidden from the rest of us. Kudos to Reuven Fauman! I hope other "hidden inspirers" will find Reuven and get him to film them.

Sara Yocheved Rigler, internationally renowned author,
on "Miriam's Courage" (

Dear Reuven,

I want to thank you, on my clients’ behalf, for creating the very effective “day in the life” video for the settlement conference of our lawsuit, which resulted soon after in a high six-figure settlement. I had suspected that the facts of the case alone were compelling enough to warrant a good settlement, but the video made the job of persuasion much easier. As soon as I sensed the keen concentration of the judge and the several opposing parties (plus insurance adjustor) while watching the video, I knew they “got” the seriousness of the situation where they had previously been oblivious. Thanks to your efforts, my clients got a very favorable settlement and were able to avoid the risk and uncertainty of a trial. I don’t doubt that the opposition knew that the affecting video could lead to a substantially greater jury verdict.


I was especially impressed with your careful balance of factual exposition and evocation of sympathy. The subtle use of music, voiceovers, subtitles, and other devices gave the video an acutely professional look and feel. The judge said it all when she reacted with, “I’ll never forget it.” She made unusually strenuous efforts to resolve the case after that.


Finally, I appreciate your willingness to collaborate to obtain the best possible product. I look forward to engaging you in future cases and will unhesitatingly refer other attorneys and clients to you.


Sincerely yours,


William Dickerman, Esq.

Dickerman & Associates