THE LATEST... Ponevez Yeshiva Honors R' Chaim Fasman ZT'L

Ohr Eliyahu 2015

After a number of years, Rabbi Kelemen appointed Rabbi Ben Geiger to take over as leader of the Los Angeles vaadim.  This video introduced him.

New Mussar Vaadim forming in Los Angeles


Since 2011 I’ve had the privilege of producing the profiles of Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman’s incredible Yeshiva.  “The Ruach of Calabasas"...

Tashbar 2016

Ponevez...The Mother of All Yeshivos

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Director, Ezra LaTalmid

Rabbi Nachman Morgan has developed a method for learning the skills necessary for independent Gemara study.

    Over the past 25 years he has taught many many students ranging in age from boys who are beginning Gemara through the mature adult on an individual or in a group setting. Those who have learned Gemara with this proven and time-tested method have experienced great success which they never dreamt possible.

For information call: Rabbi Nachman Morgan
   (323) 857-0495 or e-mail


Rabbi Leib Kelemen has been teaching a course, now in its 4th year, on improving one’s character.  That system is described in Rabbi Yerucham Levovitz’ magnum opus, Daas Chochmo U’mussar, a monumental work describing the Torah’s psychological system and the principles anyone must know in order to change themselves and help others change, too.  This class, available as professional-quality videos accessible on our website, includes downloadable MP3′s, is presented to a live audience in Los Angeles.  For further information, please go to...

An overview of the course...


The Torah provides a comprehensive system for bringing forth every child’s unique potential. This system, passed parent-to-child and teacher-to-student for over 3,000 years, provides a simple set of (sometimes counter-intuitive) algorithms enabling any parent to successfully face any parenting challenge. Let your child become all he or she can be. Experience the Miracle of Parenting.  For further information, please go to...

An overview of the course...

The 28-Hour series follows each line of the ancient Hebrew guide to Jewish pedagogy, Planting and Building: To Raise a Jewish Child.  Originally translated into English by Rabbi Kelemen, here each word is explicated and illustrated. In this 28-Hour series Rabbi Kelemen reveals an ancient system for Discipline without Yelling and Hitting, Preventing Tantrums, Managing Bedtime, and Bringing Forth Your Child’s Individuality and Excellence.

Since 2004, Rabbi Leib Kelemen has been commuting monthly from his home in Jerusalem to the US and Canada to lead mussar vaadim, based on the teachings of Rav Yerucham Levovitz and Rav Shlomo Wolbe, whose vaad Rabbi Kelemen participated in for many years.  This is the video that helped start the effort.  For further information on mussar vaadim, please go to and contact the administrator.


In 2002, Rabbi Yehoshua Fass, then of Boca Raton, FL, decided to move his family to Israel, to “replace” the soul of his family member, who had been killed in a terrorist attack.  His commitment sparked a movement, and later that year, Rabbi Fass was joined by 500 American Jews who decided to make Aliyah with him, and thus, the organization, Nefesh B’Nefesh was born.  As of their 10th anniversary this year, they’ve brought over 30,000 souls back to the Holy Land.

I was privileged to be on that 1st flight, and continued to make films for them for the next 3 years.  Here’s an excerpt.  For further information, please go to

Challah Blessings (excerpts)

Segments for a proposed documentary on the blessings of challah, as taught by Rebbitzen Rochelli Miller.

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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Calabasas Yeshiva!